Fun With Peeps!

Ok, so I haven't exactly left for the gym yet. Instead I have found creative recipes that use Peeps as an ingredient and a recipe to make my own marshmallows! I hope to make some very soon!

Kasey Buick has a great tutorial for making a house for a Peep!

Peeps in hot chocolate from Zakka Life sounds delish!

Living Locurto has a great recipe for Cotton Candy Cupcakes.

I love these cute Peep Cake Pops from Kitchen Daily

Chocolate Dipped Peeps from Worth the Whisk look divine.

No Fuss Fabulous has a fantastic recipe for homemade marshmallows and great photos of these creations by Loralee Lewis.


  1. mmmm Marshmallows. Beats the gym any day! ;)

  2. I love the peep in hot chocolate hehe

    - Sarah

  3. You could say you're working out with your peeps! Love the cake pop peeps! At Halloween we drop ghost-shaped ones in hot chocolate, and during the winter snowman-shaped ones.

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Oh, what is that saying I saw recenlty..."Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy marshmallows. Kind of the same thing." I loved it...and peeps. :) ~ xox Alexanra

  5. I think eating candy - or looking at it, is always a better idea than the gym!

  6. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Peep smores!!


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