Wisteria Lanes

The Wisteria is in full bloom here in Texas! Yards are teeming with these twisted vines draped with beautiful violet flowers. Are there signs of Spring in your neighborhood?


  1. I love Wisteria. I have a terrible confession to make though. As a child I loved to pop the flowers off the vine. I'd run my fingers from one end of the vine to the other and they'd pop off. I's terrible! =)

    - Sarah

  2. Wisteria is blooming all over here, too in Ga. I love to look at it. My husband asked me what it was and I had to spell it for him since he was pronouncing it wrong.

  3. My wisteria refuses to give me more than just a few blooms. The two of us are not on the best of terms because of this. This stubborness is putting the obstinate plant at risk of being uprooted from the prime real estate it occupies outside my kitchen window. My Souvenir de la Malmaison climbing rose outside the kitchen door is more cooperative, she is blooming beautifully.



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