Paint Colors Selected

The painter is set to arrive in the next couple of days, so I had to finally settle on color selections this weekend. Exciting, but stressful!  I highly recommend using a color fan when selecting colors. Using the fan saved me from buying a million samples! Here's the palette I have settled. 
Benjamin Moore In Your Eyes
Benjamin Moore Winter Wheat
Benjamin Moore Silver Mist
Benjamin Moore Antiquity
What are your favorite paint colors?


New Things To Come!

I have gotten way behind in my blog posting, but that is because a new project has temporarily distracted me!

We happen to be brand new homeowners of a circa 1960s home. We are working on several home improvement projects, so I will have tons of material for the blog coming soon! 

The Anatomy of a Picnic

The Fourth of July is a perfect time for a picnic! This year we spent the 4th of July at the Dallas Arboretum picnicking and watching fabulous fireworks. Here are a few suggestions for a chic and romantic picnic experience.                                                                                                  

1. A Sweet Carryall
Picnic Time Catalina Rose Basket via

Cath Kidston Bleached Flowers Picnic Hamper via 
2. A Soft Place to Land 
Anorak Kissing Rabbits Blanket via 

JJ Cole Travel Blanket via 
3. Delicious Food and Drinks

What are some of your best tips for a fabulous picnic experience?    


Have You Discovered Sassy Water Yet?

It is summertime here in Texas and it is super hot outside! This means that spending time  outside requires that I wear the least amount of clothes possible. Because of this, I always spend a lot of time concentrating on my waist line! 

I came across a recipe for Sassy Water through an article I read from Prevention MagazineSassy Water happens to be a key component of their Flat Belly Diet

Though I am not 100% percent committed to the Flat Belly Diet, I am definitely on board with Sassy Water! It is very easy to make and very refreshing.  It really encourages me to drink water because it tastes so -- which is great because water is so important for staying hydrated in this heat. 

I like to make my Sassy Water in a glass refrigerator pitcher. This pitcher is awesome because it is dishwasher safe, the top makes a very tight seal, and it does not absorb any odors from your refrigerator.  

Fork's Sassy Water
8 cups filtered water
1 large cucumber thinly sliced
1 large lemon  thinly sliced
4 mint stems, leaves attached (I like to leave my leaves on the stem so that they don't end up in my cup)    

Store the container in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before drinking. I find the longer it is in there, the better it gets! You can alter this recipe by including other delicious fruits. 
Think watermelon, oranges, and grapefruit!

I think my next batch will be made with grapefruit! Click here to read my blog post about the benefits of grapefruits. 


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