The Allure of the Circus

The movie Water for Elephants was exciting! Reese  and Robert were awesome. The costumes  were stunning! The animals were beautiful! I highly recommend you read the book and check out the movie. 

A brief history of circuses. The word circus is of Latin origin and it means the "circular region of the sky, oval space in which games were held." Think chariots, staged fighting, games, and wild animal on display in ancient Greece and Rome.

The modern concept of the circus was developed by the equestrian, Philip Astley in London, England. In 1770, Astley mixed equestrian and acrobatic acts with pantomime. This circus was performed within  buildings designated for circuses. 

In 1871 the United States was growing, people were heading west. Thus, the traveling circus was born. P. T. Barnum brought the circus all over the country by train. His circus involved a canvas tent, animals, and human oddities. Incorporating multiple rings and stages was also a unique feature of his circus. Because of competition that arose over time, P.T. Barnum's circus eventually merged with other circuses to form the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

In today's culture the circus is still alluring! Circus themed decor is popular for kids parties as well as weddings. I've posted some of my favorite circus themed events from the web below. Pop stars love the circus too! Take a listen and a look at Britney Spear's Circus video, it will get you in the circus spirit!  

It really amazes me that even after almost 300 years, circuses continue to capture the attention of audiences year after year. So what is it that keeps people interested in the circus especially with so many other forms of entertainment to contend with today? 

Circus Wedding via Once Wed

             Jude's Big Top Birthday via Hello Lucky

Circus Party Accessories via Acme Party Box 
Sweet Life Design Invitations via Style Me Pretty      

   Interested in learning about another circus, Cirque du Soleil? Click here to read an earlier post.

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  2. ooh, circus! My husband and I listened to Water for Elephants on a road trip and the book was fabulous, the narrators added a whole extra dimension to the book! I live under a rock, so thanks for letting me know about the movie!

    great post on the history of the circus. I have always loved that circus themed wedding you posted above.

  3. I like your style Fork! Cups up! xoxo

  4. Liked the books, gotta see the movie:)

    Oh, and Cirque de Soleil is FANTASTIC

  5. I need someone I know to get pregnant so I can throw a circus themed baby shower! *hint, hint* :)

  6. I love that circus wedding and the circus party accessories.

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