How did I survive without Bravo??? I mean what was actually on tv before Project Runway, Flipping Out, Kathy Griffin Life on the D-List, and the Real Housewives series(s)??!!! What mindless, entertaining -- fun! I find myself watching episodes again and again.

Although this is not my favorite season of Project Runway, how can I not watch in wonderment -- just hanging on pithy comments of Michael Kors, or fondly counting the number of times Tim Gunn will say "Make It Work" and then waiting in suspsense to hear who Heidi Klum will give the ax with her signature "You're Out" and "Auf Wiedersehen!" If not just a fabulous show, definitely an amazing catchphrase generator!!!

My two newest obsessions from Bravo..... The Rachel Zoe Project and Million Dollar Listing!!! Back with more details on them later.....


  1. i heart bravo too! of course, project runway is my fave...just make it work.

  2. Hi there!
    this is my first comment on your fab blog, but I read your blog since some weeks. I just wanted to tell you how great your blog is and that I linked to you from my sidebar. If that's not ok with you please let me know so I can remove the link.
    lots of love


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