I Heart Paper Dolls!

I am a huge fan of Paper Dolls. I think it is because it is sort of a family tradition to collect and play with them. 

You could imagine my excitement when I came across these two different sets of William & Kate Royal Wedding Paper Dolls! I might have to purchase them! 

After all, I played with Princess Diana Paper Dolls when I was a little kid!  

And my mom has held on to her Kennedy Paper Dolls since childhood. She never played with them. They are stored away in their original box and in pristine condition.  I was always so tempted to play with them! Luckily,  I never did!

While I am at it, I might as well pick up a copy of the Obama and Bush Family Paper Dolls and maybe even  some Elizabeth Taylor ones too and keep this tradition going!


Do you like Paper Dolls too? 


  1. I almost bought Black Apple's paper doll book on Monday .. for me not my kids...

  2. I think you need these too...



    - Sarah

  3. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Who knew they still made so many paper dolls? They were the favorite part of my American Girl Magazine!

  4. You absolutely have to buy those william and kate dolls! so fun! and very cute blog!

  5. This is a cute post. I linked it so I could share you with my blog friends!

  6. These are some great finds!

  7. That the only game i play when i was a kid. enjoy them. you bring back my memory. and yes, i am princess diana's fan too! Watching TV Makes You Fat

  8. I Heart paper dolls too! I have lots of old Mary Engelbreit Home Companion magazines that I kept because they have paper dolls inside :). Love your paper doll history too, thanks!


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