J-Hud Is Winning

Have you seen Jennifer Hudson lately (J-Hud as many affectionately call her)? 

I am just blown away by her!   

A few of her accomplishments include: Wife, Mother, Weight Watchers' spokesperson, Academy Award Winning Actress, Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist, and American Idol Finalist. But most impressive of all, she's a survivor. She has triumphed in spite of the horribly tragic murders of her brother, mother, and nephew. In several interviews, she credits her faith, music, new baby and fiancé for helping her find the courage to overcome  this adversity. I think her recent physical transformation demonstrates just some of her personal strength.

As a spokesperson for Weight Watchers she has apparently positively influenced the company's stock price (the new point system may have a little something to do with that too). You can read more about her experience with the Weight Watchers' program here

She is also debuting a new album in late March. Read more about Jhud here.  

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