Valentine Delights!

My husband loves peanut butter cups, so this year I thought I'd try to make some special homemade ones for Valentine's Day.

I picked up a Wilton candy mold, a package of Wilton Dark Cocoa Melts, and a package of Peanut Butter Candy Melts. I chose the Melts because they taste pretty good, but mainly because they melt so easily in the microwave. I wanted the candy to have a little bit of a richer taste, so I ended up mixing the dark cocoa melts with another dark candy bar and a little extra peanut butter with the other ones.

I was very pleased with how they turned out and how little time it took me to make them. I can already think of several types of candy to make in this mold. Next time, I think I'll make them with more peanut butter and less chocolate. 

What are you making for Valentine's Day?

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