Lovely Brides

So very happy that Lisa Loeb has found love!

And I find it almost ironic that she got married in the same year that I will be married!
I practically idolized her after "Stay" came out in 94'! She made wearing glasses cool!

And really, who doesn't feel a connection to "Stay"? It's arguably one of the best songs of the 90s and it just so happens that it came from one of most favorite movies of all time, Reality Bites!

I must admit though, I am a little sad because now that she's officially of the market I bet there won't be a reprise of her show #1 single on E! That show was too funny!

And here's just a clip from Reality Bites to help get you through your Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. AW!!!! You know I just love this post! Gotta love some Lisa Loeb and Reality Bites! :)

  2. She's the cutest. I'm so glad she found someone.


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