Parisian Pop

Jessica Pare's recent performance of  "Zou Bisou, Bisou" on Mad Men totally got me thinking about an awesome tape (that's right, -- a tape) that I used to listen to in the 90's. The tape  was called Musique D'Express and it was from the clothing store Express. The tape was the store's soundtrack and the French pop songs added a sort of European sophistication to the the shopping experience. I listened to it over and over and over again. I could not understand any of the songs, but I just loved them and thought they were sooo chic! 

To my pleasant surprise, I found the tapes available on and some of the songs  on YouTube with videos.  Who knew there were awesome videos to go along with these amazing songs???!!!

                      1. Claudia Phillips "Picasso" 
                      2. Niagara "Soleil d'Hiver" 
                      3. Francois Feldman "Joue Pas"
                      4. Luna Parker "Fric Frac" 
                      5. Vanessa Paradis "Soldat" 

                      1. Vanessa Paradis "Joe le Taxi" 
                      2. Serge Gainsbourg "Mon Legionnaire" 
                      3. Lio "Tu Es Formidable" 
                      4. Pauline Ester "Oui, Je l'adore" 
                      5. Francois Feldman "J'ai Peur"

I still have find that I have passion for French pop music, here are a few of my current favorites by Yelle and Vanessa Paradis. 


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

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  2. Beth Rowland8:04 PM

    I loooooove Yelle, even though my french is rusty & I'm not sure what she's saying half the time..


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