Vintage Wedding Dresses

I have been thinking about a costume change for the reception. I haven't really worked all the details out, but I think it would be so fun to change into a party dress to maximize my rug cutting potential! I'm thinking something Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, or the cast from Mad Men inspired. Below are some potential looks. Any thoughts?


  1. yes! I did, though it wasn't as great as what you have there. I wore another wedding type dress which was just more comfortable. I had worn my grandma's vintage 1954 wedding gown and when it was at the cleaners, they SHRUNK it. So I was EXTREMELY corseted and just couldn't wear the dress longer than the ceremony. If I had it to do over instead of wearing another wedding styled dress (it was my junior year prom dress which my mom had made me and was very brideish) I would have worn a 50s style cocktail dress.

  2. 1950s cocktail dresses are really IN.


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